Listen: Neurocern CEO & Founder Dr. Anitha Rao featured on Society of Actuaries Podcast

Today, Neurocern CEO and Founder Dr. Anitha Rao and Milliman actuary, Robert Eaton, are featured on the Society of Actuaries Research Insights Podcast to address these questions:

  • Why is it important to have at least one evaluation from a neurologist for cognitive impairment?
  • How are neurologists treating cognitive impairment differently than general clinicians?
  • What happens to patients with cognitive impairment who live in areas where there are a limited number of neurologists? 
  • Are patients more likely to file long term care insurance claims from not seeing a neurologist? 
  • What’s the role of predictive analytics and neuroinformatics in the insurance sector?

Listen to the full podcast over at the Society of Actuaries website and read the full report here.

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