Enrich your data with advanced AI and neuroinformatics

Leverage Neurocern to uncover insights in your own data to drive financial and clinical outcomes.

Go beyond just a query

What would it mean if you could see five years into your company’s future?

Unlike traditional analytics companies that just provide only one derivative of analytics (for example, describing what is already in your data), Neurocern’s proprietary AI engine uses multivariate data modeling and multiple levels of analytics to go beyond the “now” and truly predict future costs and outcomes.

Find unaccounted risk & predict cost

Multiple levels of analytics find undiagnosed conditions, predict cost of care, and identify interventions using multiple data sources.

Customized analytics & financial insights

Customizable analytics use your own data to predict the overall cost of care for a block of lives to help you understand the risk to your bottom line.

Access novel clinical insights

Probabilistic data modeling and predictive analytics compute a variety of risk scores including disability, severity, and mortality.

Leverage multiple data types

Our modular APIs combine prescription, claims, lab, and other data sources to enrich and create new proprietary clinical insights.


Over $350M in savings using Neurocern’s artificial intelligence

In this validated case study, data science, claims methodology, and financial modeling was used to predict the cost of care for a block of insured lives.


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