Automate clinical workflows with advanced analytics and neuroinformatics

Improve healthcare delivery, care coordination, and operations for neurological and cognitive patients.

Latest in technology for neurological conditions

Transform your health system into a center of excellence for neurological diseases

Unlike traditional analytics companies, our proprietary AI engine uses multivariate data modeling and multiple levels of analytics to go beyond the “now” and truly predict future costs and outcomes.

Access customized analytics & insights

Customizable informatics and clinical decision support to grow your primary care and subspeciality service lines

Connect clinical with financial

Automate billable CPT codes for physicians, advanced care practitioners, and care management teams

Identify strategic opportunities

Leverage population level analytics to identify strategic growth areas, evaluate future research opportunities, and establish value-based partnerships

Leverage multiple data types & sources

Transform structured EMR data to unlock value for clinical and financial outcomes


Case study: Empowering providers with AI-driven clinical decision support for cognitive impairment

When properly implemented into the clinical workflow, our clinical decision support tools improve clinical and financial outcomes.


Our expert system finds actionable insights to support clinicians and improve patient outcomes

First-of-its-kind digital patient intake platform and clinician portal supports the clinical evaluation and helps patients report their cognitive concerns in an anonymous and efficient manner.

Clinical portal & decision support

Our algorithms provide clinical decision support based on a patient’s disease classification, symptoms, and severity. The system, which has been medically validated by an independent third-party, recommends a workup based on American Academy of Neurology’s evidence-based guidelines and recommendations. This includes referrals to specialists, labs, imaging, tailored ICD billing codes, and neuropsychological testing.

Digital patient intake

Our algorithmic screening tool is adapted from NACC-ADRC NIH protocols for screening patients with cognitive issues. The screener can be completed prior to a cognitive visit, in the waiting room, or together with a provider during a clinical encounter. The Neurocern intake allows providers to easily collect relevant health, behavioral, and lifestyle information from patients for clinical decision support.


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