Identifying $20M in Uncaptured HCC Revenue with Artificial Intelligence and Suspecting Analytics

In a new study, Neurocern AI identifies patients who have a high probability of cognitive impairment earlier and more accurately than a typical doctor, translating to more than $20M in uncaptured HCC revenue per 100,000 patients.

Neurocern Demonstrates $370M in Savings for Medicare and Health Insurance Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Targeted at Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Eligibility

(CHICAGO, IL) — Neurocern announced today a savings outcome of $370M over five years by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroinformatics to guide patients to the right Alzheimer’s treatment at the right time. As new disease modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease continue to emerge, Medicare and private health insurance plans need data-driven methods to screen, identify, and guide patients to…

Dementia Neurology Deserts and Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Experience in the United States

The Neurocern team recently partnered with Milliman and the Society of Actuaries to use our proprietary Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Neurology Desert Index (ANDI) scores to explore the relationship between geographic distribution of neurology specialists and the incidence of long-term care insurance (LTCI) cognitive claims.