Unlock the value of your data with artificial intelligence & advanced neuroinformatics

In today’s world, data is gold. Discover insights to drive health outcomes, enterprise performance, and financial ROI.


Our multi-modal data processing platform creates AI-enriched neurological data

Driven by an expert system and deep learning protocols our platform reaches across neurological disease states to bridge clinical gaps and optimize enterprise performance.

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Find signals in the noise

Neurocern’s expert system processes millions of data fields per second to help you find actionable insights, regardless of the data source

Our modular APIs are built to ingest numerous data formats to help organizations uncover “hidden” real-world evidence in previously disparate sources.


We believe Neurology is the last great frontier in medicine

Leverage our advanced analytics and neurological data science algorithms to create meaningful clinical insights for financial and health outcomes.

Connect Clinical with Financial

Predictive and prescriptive analytics create patient cohorts, identify patients for high utilization, and flag patients most likely to meet drug eligibility at the individual and population level to understand the impact on your bottom line.

Predict Disease Progression and Outcomes

Advanced analytics provide unparalleled insights into disease severity, risk management, and clinical decision support to reduce cost and improve health outcomes in neurological patients.

Reach Across Disease States

Using a comprehensive approach, our AI engine combines chronic medical disease states with common neurological diseases to understand how it may impact the cost trajectory and patient journey.

Leverage Multiple Data Types

Our modular APIs combine prescription, claims, lab, and other data sources to enrich and create new proprietary clinical insights.

Customizable Analytics & Insights

Our advanced expert system can be configured for any data-driven enterprise strategy.


Our AI-expert engine is built on evidence-based research and standards in neurological care

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